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Contact Centre Service Outsourcing



It is a call center system that supports new normal such as remote work and workcation by COVID-19. Equipped with AI virtual agent function and omni-channel. Your location will be a call center office anywhere in the world.


The system supports your new office environment.

It is available only in the browser. It also supports smartphone apps.

In order to meet today's various communication requirements, call centers nowadays are required to be capable in handling Zalo, messengers, Video calls and other communication channels as well as legacy telephones and emails. At the same time, agents are required to be multi-tasked, thus need to operate multiple systems and multiple terminals, prepared for each channel. It is also a challenge for call center managements to manage the distribution of human resources and equipment for each channel. IT-Communications Vietnam has successfully integrated those various channels into one screen on one system, making true omni-channel call center system.

This system is a next-generation call center system that integrates them and is equipped with an AI voice agent function.

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Overseas phone numbers are also available

Cyber-Telephony can easily provide domestic call center services that utilize overseas call center bases


You can make a call as it is wiht the call charges in Japan

Japanese toll-free numbers are also available


Overseas phone numbers are also available.
Cyber-Telephony can easily provide domestic call center services that utilize overseas call center bases.

Cyber-Telephony can be provided alone or provided including call center operations.

Japanese phone numbers can be used overseas:

- Customer don't need to specify the country code when making a call from Japan.
- Even if you are in a foreign country, you can make a call to Japan with the communication charges in Japan.


It can also be provided as a smartphone application.
It can be operated in the same way as a normal telephone service.

- Many phone opportunities with Japanese customers
- You can write a Japanese phone number on your business card
- You can reduce overseas call charges

*Data communication is used, a data usage fee will be charged separately.


can be solution your phone issues


​Working from Home (WFH)

Achieve "Low price, safety, high quality"

remote work environment.

Implemented remote work function as a measure for BCP and work style reform. We have already built measures against momentary call interruptions and unauthorized access. Call center operations are possible anywhere in the world with the Internet.


AI Virtual Call Center Agent

The system is equipped with an AI virtual agent that can answer the phone on behalf of human resources.

We provide stable call center operations 24 hours, 7 days at a reasonable price.

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*​It can also be used from countries other than Vietnam

IT-Communications Vietnam operates a call center business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we not only provide "Cyber-Telephony" services, but also offer comprehensive marketing and customer support including BPO services.

System Configuration

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