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Greetings from our Leader


Otsuka Takahiro

大塚 隆博

General Director (CEO)

IT-Communications Vietnam proimse to the clients that we can reduce the cost of operations that is fundamental concurrently we can increase our operational efficiencies we can increase revenues. We are always aware of many risks as well such as financial, brand and reputation, it's not only achieve the target KPI  and customer satisfactions. Because of that this is not to compromise at all on quality. Our tasks is not just handling phone calls. Due to the nature of voice-only communication, it is not always easy to make customers feel comfortable. Therefor we are committed to make our every communication "sincere" enough for our customers to imagine our face, aiming for their "thank you" words. Sometimes it goes beyond it and we received letters of gratitude from happy customers. Moments like this bring us great joy and make us feel the sense of fulfillment.

Technological advancement of the internet has significantly changed the way of distributing information, and effective user of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is about to move it further ahead. However, it is not the technology but the human which moves the heart of other people and brings satisfaction to them, and thus even if the method of communication is changed, the essence of it stays the same. We, IT-Communications Vietnam, provide call center service of the new era, with the concept of "Information Technology + Communication", utilizing the cutting-edge systems and technologies flexibly fitting to today's diversified environments. With over 22 years of call center operation experience in Japan, we are providing win-win call center services which bring success for our clients and their customers as well as we, IT-Communications Vietnam, in the market of Vietnam. 

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8-Floor, 178/8 Nguyen Van Thuong st, Ward 25,

Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

IT-Communications Group

IT-Communications founded in Sapporo, Japan since May 2000 and has been driving company growth through "Information technology + Communication. "We are aiming for high expertise and operations by multi-skilled permanent employees. 

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Sapporo Head Office

Nagoya Branch

Tokyo Head Office

Osaka Branch

Sendai Center

Sendai 2nd Center

Sapporo 2nd Center

Kushiro Branch

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