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We are ready to innovate!

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We run at the full speed in order to providing comprehensive "Experience" for the customer high satisfaction

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From Vietnam to the world - we are providing contact centre services globally. 

(in Vietnamese, English, Japanese and other languages)

Well-trained and Experienced Agent

Self-developed Omni-Channel and AI system

High-Level Information Protection Manamgement

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To meet

the target KPI


We are professionals in serving customers on behalf of our partners

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We handle information appropriately as an ISO27001 certified company.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Privacy protection policy
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Running your own contact centre brings you so many challenges

- Recruitment and labor management
- Physical space
- Introduction and operation of the system
- Sales management and KPI measurements


By outsourcing your contact centre to IT-Com Vietnam, you can leave those challenges to a professional with proven track record and focus on your core businesses

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​Quick start-up


​Various risks

We are contact centre with self-developed cutting-edge systems and people with skilled providing sincere telemarketing services 

Providing comprehensive “Experience” for the customer high satisfaction

information technology

IT-Communications Vietnam is an ICT company that combines IT technology and communications


Business domain as a professional contact centre 

IT-Com Logo

Customer Support

We provide support to your customers just like our own, and increase your fans

Customer Support

Our wide area of expertise includes technical support, such as analyzing problems, dispatching, technicians and / or replacement products, taking customers orders, checking delivery status, processing payments on various method, and solving problems for individual customers.



We will assist your customers and lead them to purchase your products


Through telephone conversations and/ or text chat, we will introduce your products and services to your potential customers, providing customized proposals and optimized solutions according to the requirement of each customer. We can also provide prospect customers and conduct various marketing researches. 


You can leave your administrative works to us an focus on the areas which truly require your expertise


Data entry/import, website updates, social media monitoring, data analysis and many more... your day may be occupied by those miscellaneous tasks. Please leave them to us, and focus on the areas which truly require your attention.

Supported by  

Voice and Non-Vice Channels

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We provide high-quality contact center services by accurately grasping and analyzing customer needs and situations utilizing verious channels (voice and non-voice), and by accurately designing scripts that thoroughly follow the PDCA cycle.  From telesales, research, technical services to lead generation, we will help you with our extensive know-how and achievements.

Well-trained and Experienced Agent

trained agents

Agents are our key assets. Your projects will be supported and operated by our well-trained full-time employees with adequate skill sets

Flexible Meet Our Customer's Demand


Focusing on target KPIs, we flexibly design our operations according to requirements of each of our client

High Level Information Protection


Your confidential data and information is safe at our hands. We handle your confidential information such as customer information and/ or trade secrets in a systematic and appropriate manner.

Self-developed Omni-Channel System


Our proprietary telephone system integrates social media, telephone and other technologies and supports "AI Virtual Agent" 



AI voice response service for Call Centre

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Sometimes unexpected call volume spikes cause long wait for customers, lowering customer experiences. Our AI Virtual Agent resolves such issues - it can achieve 24/7 stable operations, regardless call volumes and/ or other factors. AI Virtual Agent is a cutting-edge voice bot system designed to handle customer contacts instead of human agents.

We achieve optimized contact centre operations with balanced utilization of human agents and AI agent.

up to


of calls handled by virtual agents



Conversion increase as compared to human agents



Less cost spent on customer service

From Vietnam to the world - we are providing contact centre services globally. 

(in Vietnamese, English, Japanese and other languages)

We have been operating contact centres supporting many customers world-wide.

Vietnam to the world
national flag

An example of experience;

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Founded in


Employee of Numbers


* Figures are for the entire group

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From a project with 1 seat to large-scale one with over 100 seats, in Vietnamese, English and/ or Japanese, we can quickly respond to your requirement. We cannot wait to communicate with your customers!

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