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IT-Communications Vietnam is an exclusive official "Milai Study" partner in Vietnam

What is 



”The Future of Children” x "Logical Thinking Power"


To make a logical thinking method for K-12, educational products developed in Japan

The objective of "Milai Study" is, to acquire and develop optimal style of thinking based on seven fields of "quantities", "diagrams", "two-dimensional surface", "three-dimensional space", "cases", "cogitations" and "logic", through trial and error.


Japanese education has been transforming from knowledge-oriented cramming style to cogitation-oriented education focusing on creativity and imagination. "Milai Study", aka "MilaSta", is a mathematics study course system that develops high-level logical thinking ability which enables ones to create something from scratch - the skill most valued in Japanese society in these days.

Keep Child motivated

Arithmetic education that lays the foundation for skill and raises children who will grow in the future.


You can develop high-level logical thinking ability that can recognize numbers as quantities, figure recognition ability, and "create something out of nothing". By tackling the unknown and solving it yourself, you will be able to experience the true joy of learning and continue to be motivated with the certificate you receive step by step.


Unlike other thinking education materials, MilaSta offers a full line of K-12. You will gain the thinking ability, so you can continue without giving up.

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