A Call Center with a Cutting-Edge System & Skills and a Sincere Telemarketing Service



  • Mr. Kenji Koganezawa

    In May 2000, Mr. Kenji Koganezawa and other 21 members established IT-Communications in Sapporo, Hokkaido. During the development period, he is a person who always accompanies with all employees and decides many important strategic plans to maintain company growth.Under his leadership, Mr. Kenji Koganezawa has expanded into 13 new call center with more than 1,800 full time staff and successfully go oversea to open a call center in HoChiMinh city, Vietnam. During David’s tenure as President and Chief Executive Officers, IT-Coms’s revenue has more than doubled.

  • Mr. Takahiro Otsuka
    Regional General Director

    Mr. Otsuka began his call center experience in Sapporo in 2001. He is one of the main founders of IT-Communications. His years of experience in call center industry have helped him to successfully establish our first branch oversea in Vietnam. He is now based in Japan and responsible for call center business and operation in Vietnam.

  • IT-Communications Vietnam is our first branch overseas therefore we engage our best staffs who have years of experiences and knowledge in call center business from IT-Communication Japan to serve our clients here in Vietnam. We carefully selected our local Vietnamese staff choosing those with excellent communication skill, customer services orientation, and high motivation.

    Our Vietnamese staffs have a lot of experiences with local businesses and understanding the business needs to fill a range of call center services across multiple industries.


We always pursue a high quality service & the improvement of communicator’s skill up by the Five Evaluation Objectives approach and by an overall communicator evaluation every three months.

  • Business Training

    Holding while confirming to and understanding level of corporate outline of client, business knowledge & ideal of quality by role playing.

  • Skill Test

    We set up the level and only the communicator who passes the test will be allowed to officially work.

  • OJT

    Receiving phone calls under team leader or supervisors’ support. We will set up the OJT level and only communicators who pass the test will be assigned to operation team.

  • Following Training

    Follow-up training will be held on a 3 month basis, and this is connected to leveling up in the master skill test.



We investment in state-of-the-art technology translates to a higher return on investment for our clients. All our call centers are equipped with the latest software and hardware to enable all our Communicators to make the highest quality calls and maximize results. Our call centers are also backed by expert teams of IT professionals.

  • Interdepartmental collaboration
    Our Agents who have access to these tools are more likely to solicit help when needed, thus increasing interdepartmental collaboration. They can add a manager or colleague to the call to help resolve difficult issues rather than having to transfer the call.
  • Customizing Screens For
    More Efficient Calls
    To better serve our clients’ needs, we developed our own proprietary CRM solution. This application can be customized to fit the needs of any client. The application features comprehensive customer profiles, screen pops, script on screen, and the ability to make script changes on the fly.
  • Remote Call Monitoring
    Remote call monitoring allows QA analysts, call center managers and clients to tap into a program’s calls from any location. This gives listeners the opportunity to observe Communicators in action, evaluate their performance, and make any adjustments necessary to the script.
  • We have right technology for optimal call center performance:
  • The automatic call distributor (ACD):

    ACD will improve performance and manage the flow of incoming calls. The dialer will help place and complete more calls per agent per hour.

  • The CRM Solution

    Our system captures information, resolves the problem and records the outcome in the CRM to improve interactions and business intelligence.

  • The Call Recording:

    Our system captures all interactions for archiving or replay if necessary. Recording solutions may capture the call only, or add in related screens along with the recording.

  • The IVR:

    We have invested in state-of-the-art IVR technology that gives callers simple, efficient options for accessing information that doesn’t require the assistance of a Communicator.

  • The CTI:

    Communicators no longer need to waste time looking up customer information and customers no longer need to provide pertinent information at multiple stages of the call